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Knock Boxes & Tubes for Coffee Grounds

Coffee lovers know that disposing of used coffee grounds can be messy. That’s where knock boxes & tubes come in. Simple, effective and practical, knock boxes make it easy to dispose of used coffee grounds quickly and cleanly.

Here at MyDeal, we have a range of knock boxes & tubes to dispose of coffee grounds without making a mess. Knock boxes and tubes are designed so you can easily ‘knock’ your coffee grinds into your bin or compost right after making your coffee. Simple but effective, knock boxes and tubes are great accessories to keep in the kitchen. If you have ever taken your coffee grounds to the bin straight from the machine, you know that coffee grounds spill and leak, causing a mess. Knock boxes & tubes are designed so you can easily dispose of your coffee grounds in the compost or trash without a drip. Coffee knock boxes also make it easy to keep your coffee ground separate from your everyday rubbish so you can compost it. Coffee grounds are a great fertiliser for the garden, so not only are you saving yourself the mess, but doing your part for your garden and the environment as a whole!

Complete your home coffee setup or replace your old knock box with a brand-new one from MyDeal. Browse our range today!

Knock Boxes & Tubes Delivered to You

Whether you’re looking for a barista knock box, an automatic knock box or a coffee knock box with a lid, we’ve got you covered at MyDeal. We have coffee knock boxes and tubes in a range of sizes and shapes to fit different espresso machines.

Knock boxes are essential at busy cafes, helping workspaces stay clean and reducing the risk of bacterial growth. Not only that but knock boxes and tubes can extend the life of espresso machines by reducing the risk of build-up in your machine's pipes and valves. Ultimately though, knock boxes help you save time. They’re easy, efficient and affordable.

Whether you’re a home barista or work in a cafe or restaurant, a knock box or tube is a must-have. Browse our selection of knock boxes and tubes today. If you’re looking for more coffee supplies and coffee making accessories, we’ve got you!

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