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Get hot water on demand with our LPG hot water systems. With high efficiencies, water conservation, safety and versatility, we have a range of LPG hot water systems you can rely on for quality.
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LPG Water Heaters To Keep You Warm

Stay warm this season with our large range of LPG hot water systems available online now. They’re the perfect fit for any home where a hot water system, such as the shower, is being used multiple times a day. The device stores a large capacity of water in a tank that is heated through LPG and is then transferred to your tap, so you don’t have to suffer from a cold shower! They are the ideal add-on to any home and will come in handy, especially during the colder weeks!

We have a large range of products on offer, each suited to specific needs, so you’ll be sure to find something that works best for you. The main, trustworthy brands we stock are Rinnai and Devanti. We even stock a Portable LPG Instant Gas Hot-Water Heater, which allows you to have hot water anywhere in the world, with a portable water heater. If you want a regular flow of hot water in your home, you can get yourself a continuous flow hot water heater which offers a sustainable way of heating up the water that flows through the taps in your home. It heats up the water as it flows through. These units are compact and very durable.

We Deliver Water Heaters To Your Door

Whether it is winter or summer, these water heaters can ensure that your home always gets its fair share of hot water. You either go for a storage model that stores hot water up to its capacity or go for a continuous flow heater that heats up water as it flows through the taps. Just select what suits your needs the best and find the one you want on MyDeal. With reduced prices and free shipping on selected items, you will end up saving more than you spend in the long run.

What is a better shopping experience than the one you don’t actually have to get off your seat for? Here at My Deal Australia, we make things super easy and stock a large range of products that you can view from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is browse and buy, then leave the rest to us, as we ensure that your item will be delivered safely to your door.

We ship to major cities very quickly and to regional areas with some time allowance, so you can rest assured your product will get to you as quickly as possible.


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