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Pram Footboards for Toddlers

If you’re heading out with both your infant and toddler, purchase a pram footboard! With a pram footboard on hand, you have the perfect tool to keep both your little ones moving, no matter where you're headed. At MyDeal, our pram footboards are extremely high in quality, guaranteeing the safety of your little one as they ride along.

Pram footboards allow you to take your baby out for a walk in their pram while keeping a close eye on your toddler. Simply attach the pram footboard to your pram and your toddler can enjoy a ride outside of the pram! Pram footboards are ideal for high foot traffic areas where your toddler may have trouble keeping up. With our pram footboards, you can wheel your baby around while keeping an eye on your toddler, too. With our non-slip, durable pram footboards, your toddler will be safe and sound.

Attachable Pram Footboards

At MyDeal, our pram footboards allow you to accommodate an older sibling while going for a stroll with your baby. We have pram footboards that you can attach to either side of your pram. Pram footboards offer the option for your child to sit or stand while you push the pram. Expertly designed and made of durable materials, our pram footboards are designed to last and keep your toddler safe.

If you’re looking for a quality pram footboard at an affordable price, we’ve got you covered at MyDeal. With fast delivery times all across the country, we’ll have your pram footboard with you in no time. Here at MyDeal, we also have a huge range of pram accessories available so you can make the most out of your strolls with your little one. Browse our pram accessories today.


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