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Baby Sleep Training Device That Will Turn Into Your Toddler's Best Friend!

If you are having trouble getting your toddler to sleep, our wide range of baby sleep training devices will change that with unique and kid-friendly techniques. Don’t have another night where you have to lay with your little one for 30 minutes until they get to sleep. With our range of cute devices, a comforting nightlight can do the job for you.

Your toddler's new best friend will have them getting a good night's sleep. Coming with many more features, our range of devices can be used as multi-purpose products that can get your little one into a daily routine. With a majority of our products powered by rechargeable batteries, save money on the power bill as you won't have to leave a nightlight or hallway light switched on all night.

The Perfect Alarm Clocks

These devices are considered the perfect sleep training products because of the features they offer. You can easily look at the time and even teach your little one how to read the time. Training your baby will be easier with these alarm clocks. Moreover, these alarm clocks come in exciting shapes and sizes that can be quite appealing to your child. Also, some of these alarm clocks feature backlighting and music as well.

Bluetooth Speaker To Read Them A Book Before Bed

Coming in a range of colours to suit girls and boys, our devices will be able to teach your toddler about time and when the right time to get up is. With some of our products coming with a Bluetooth speaker, you can set up your device with music or stories for your little one to listen to before bed.

Don’t have another interrupted night. Purchase one of our affordable products and reap the benefits of a good night's sleep. A perfect gift for your little one, they will enjoy the company of their new product without even knowing they it’s a device to help them sleep.

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