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Efficent Calculations With Our Money Counter Machines And Sorters Online Australia

You can now count the money you save when you buy money counters at our store. Our range is only growing to provide you with high quality products that will serve your business well. Our products are designed for the official Australian currency, perfect for any Australian business. You can expect great performance with trusted brands such as Flora that will truly deliver and save you precious time.

Enjoy a range of amazing features such as several counting modes, batch sorters and value/quantity summary. It is is easy to understand its display settings so you can enter your money, leave it to do the counting for you, and once you return the results are clear and accurate. Additionally, this machine is portable and can be moved from counter to counter with minimal fuss and its hopper holds up to 500 units in total. Each of its eight coin drawers can carry up to 300 units so you can count vast amounts of coins all at once.

Start Saving What You'll Be Counting

As portable as our products are, you don’t actually need to go into any store and pick up your orders. Simply make your purchase and we will bring your product straight to you wherever you are in Australia. Whether metropolitan city or regional area, we can bring orders of any size to any address. If you have any inquiries regarding our products, feel free to call our friendly customer service line or fill out and send one of our Contact forms online.

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