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Enjoy the seamless feel and premium sound of Apple AirPods. With the latest designs available, you can experience quality, convenient listening anytime.
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MyDeal’s Apple AirPods Range

At MyDeal, we stock a wide variety of Apple products from phones to AirPods. Our range of AirPods includes all the latest models. Whichever one you are looking for is available here. We offer Apple AirPods 3rd Gen and the models below it as well. These In-ear headphones are water resistant hence perfect for people who enjoy listening to music when going on runs or when in the gym. You can’t however, take these AirPods to the pool. The sound quality is amazing and you can easily connect these to your iPhone while listening to a wide range of songs on Apple music.

Explore the world of Apple by getting all the products that make your life easier. AirPods are known to work best with Apple products. They are not just for listening to music but also allow you to take and make calls. Additionally, these AirPods are meant to understand voice commands as well. So, you can easily ask Siri anything while your AirPods are connected to the phone. Additionally, these AirPods come with touch technology which means you don’t have to press a button to play, pause or skip songs. Just a tap does the job.

The Perfect Partner for Your iPhone

AirPods is the ideal partner for your iPhone. You might as well buy yourself a set of AirPods if you have an iPhone. They easily connect to your iPhone but they can also connect to Android phones. However, we would recommend going for AirPods only if you have an iPhone since you can make use of all the features the AirPods have to offer. Get yourself a set of AirPods from MyDeal and make use of our free shipping offer on some of the models. You can even get the AirPods with the MagSafe charging case for easy charging.

MyDeal has a huge range of electronics on offer. Whether it is new phones, refurbished phones, appliances or headphones, we have got it all. You can go through our range and find the electronics that you need at really affordable rates. As far as your iPhone is concerned, you can easily browse through our AirPods range, find the one that suits you best and get it delivered to you.

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