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Get A Wireless Audio Transmitter And Drive Safer

Going on road trips is always so much fun, be it with friends or family. The planning, the packing, taking turns driving, the unplanned stops for bathroom breaks and downloading all the new songs so there is plenty of music to listen to throughout the drive. Once you’re in the car, and everyone settles down in their seats, seat belts on, ready to go, you connect the AUX wire to the main stereo and connect the phone or ipod which has all the music - but, the wire isn’t long enough to reach the back or it keeps getting tangled up around the gear causing inconvenience for the driver and making it unsafe for everyone. You decide to just leave it alone, and let whatever is playing play, but that's no fun! You want to change the music by popular choice, time, place and mood.
This range, including wireless receivers, will allow you to do just that, without obstructing anyone. Simply connect the device to the AUX port in the car and turn it on, turn the bluetooth on your phone or ipod on and find the device and play your music your way with no strings attached.

Receive Your Audio Equipment At Your Doorstep

Our items are affordable, durable and compact, making them the perfect fit for a long drive.
We deliver to regional areas and metro cities in Australia, within 7-14 business days. Contact our team for more information.