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Get A Computer Stand To Support Your Laptop Today

Isn’t it the best feeling to just laze around in bed on a Sunday morning, with no alarms waking you up asking you to go to work or school? You can stay in bed all day, watching movies and TV shows and ordering in! Did you know that leaving your laptop on the bed could be a life risk? When a laptop is put on a soft surface (like a bed) and surrounded with your blanket and pillows, the cooling fan doesn’t get sufficient air, and so your laptop heats up faster. If it heats up enough, it would cause a house fire. Scary isn’t it?

But that does not mean you can’t still laze in bed on a Sunday morning and watch movies or TV shows all day. We have the simplest solution for you. This range of portable laptop stands allow you to keep your laptop on your bed, right next to you, without blocking the cooling fan.

Keep Your Laptop Upright When You Need It

Ranging between $24 and $47, this range allows you to keep your laptop elevated yet stable and in no contact with the bed. With adjustable frames and heights, these products also let your legs stay free from having to keep the laptop in your lap.

Apart from reducing the risk of fire, using this product with your laptop in bed also reduces the risk of back and neck injuries from having to bend forwards all the time. Order today and get it within 7-14 business days at your doorstep.

We delivery across Australia, in metro cities and regional areas. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about any of our products.