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Get A Personal Breathalyzer Test From Our Range Today And Be Responsible

If you like going out and drinking, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Rules for drinking and driving are very strict in order to keep roads safe, including yourself as the driver when you get into the car. Make sure that you and everyone else on the road will be safe and carry a portable tester with you whenever you drive out somewhere so you can keep yourself in check.

Our portable breathalysers are very easy to use and can be held in your hand or even attached by keychains. You can power them with batteries wherever so they will be ready for use within a moment. These can be quite handy if you end up drinking even when you didn’t normally plan to, so you could test yourself regardless of where you are and whenever you like. You can even monitor your alcohol levels as they are lowering so you can determine when it will be safe enough for you to get behind the wheel again.