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Old-Is-Gold: Corded Telephones Will Never Go Out Of Style

They say fashion is cyclical, so are trends and interests: what goes around comes around. In the same way, although our smartphones are always on us and we are always doing something or the other on them, it looks like old school telephones are on a return. For those that miss talking on a landline, fidgeting with the wire, wanting to walk around but being restricted by the cord and the widely known “tring-tring” sound. If not you personally, then your parents or older siblings and perhaps your grandchildren will recognise all those features of a landline.

Get into the trend and get your own corded home phone. Valued at $54, this product has a 10 number outgoing memory, on hook dialing, 70 phonebook memory, a duplex speakerphone, new call indicator, flash button which indicates call waiting, real time clock, last number redial, a backlit LCD display and much more. Accompanied with a 12 month warranty, these trends are bound to bounce back.

Keep In Touch With All Your Loved Ones

Buy one as a present for a parent or older sibling and watch their face light up. Keep in touch with parents who aren’t comfortable talking on a smartphone or find it too complicated to use and can’t see the keys to dial the number on a normal phone.

Order yours today and receive the delivery within 1-3 weeks depending on the exact location. We provide shipping services all across Australia. Contact our customer service team for more information.