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Protect Your Devices With Tablet And iPad Cases 

A tablet is like the perfect combination of your phone and your laptop. It allows you to carry out most of the functions of your laptop while also being compact and lightweight like your phone. We protect our phones and our laptops with our lives - one keeps us connecting to the world, the other holds all our data. But like mentioned above, a tablet is the perfect combination of the two - which means it probably helps you connect with the world while also holding a lot of data. So why slack back on protecting the tablet then?

With our range of affordable tablet covers, rest assured that your tablet will not only stay safe from scrapes and scratches but also look stylish and sleek. Available in red, black and white colours, this item is convertible into a stand for ease when watching videos or movies. It comes with an adjustable front flap to ensure the screen is also protected from sudden falls or thrusts when inside a backpack.

Get The Protection You Need Delivered Straight Home

After a 77% ($30) discount, this product is now priced at an affordable $9. These leather cases also make for great gifts for friends and little ones who need the extra layer of protection on a device because of their innate clumsy nature.

We provide delivery services all across Australia in metro cities and regional areas (of all 7 states), allowing for 7-14 business days for shipping. Contact us for more information.

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