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Rent And Buy DVDs Without A Worry With An All-In-One Blu Ray Player

Have you ever been to a DVD store to rent or buy a movie that you’ve been waiting to watch and come back empty handed because it was so confusing? Not sure whether your player is compatible with different formats? Want to watch the movie in the highest definition but not sure if your player can handle it? Then you start looking at other movies you could get and face the same problems, so you get put off movie night all together?

With our blu ray players, you will never have to walk out of a DVD store empty handed because of confusion with regards to your players compatibility. This all-in-one hi-tech player is compatible with all formats of DVDs. It comes with a USB port and built in WiFi so you can watch downloaded movies or stream shows without having to go through the hassle of connecting your laptop to the TV. With Dolby Digital and surround sound compatibility options, it will make your movie nights that much more enticing.

Start Watching High Quality Videos And Films

Priced at $185 after a 7% discount while stocks last, this product will be a great new addition to your entertainment cabinet. Quality is a guarantee, however to safeguard your interests that much more, we offer a 12 month warranty with this product.

Order online and have it delivered to your doorstep, allowing for 1-3 weeks for shipping. We deliver all across Australia in all 7 states.