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Get Your Own Internet Connection Through A Dongle

When living in a share house it’s very common that we complain about the internet speed. Everyone is using the same connection, everyone is trying to stream things online, everyone is trying to skype. It is only natural that the bandwidth is going to divide between all the devices and result in slower speeds per device.

Eliminate these issues and get your own connection without having to worry about a modem and wall socket. This product is a simple android USB dongle that once connected to your laptop or computer becomes its own portable wifi modem, receiver and transmitter - for your laptop only. You no longer have to share the bandwidth with all your housemates. You can even hotspot your laptop or computer and use the same connection on your phone - just make sure it is password protected so no one else can connect to it.

Make Connecting To The Net Much Easier

Another range of products includes Android connections, whereby a simple USB connection to a standard TV makes the TV a smart TV. Browse the web, watch Netflix and youtube videos directly off the TV instead of having to connect your laptop each time. With an 8GB memory, you can also use it as a normal pen drive to transfer movies from your laptop and watch them on the big screen.

Our products are accompanied by warranties to safeguard the interests of our consumers. We also provide delivery services all across Australia within 7-14 business days depending on the exact location.

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