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Get A Sofa Bed Online For All Your Immediate Bedding Needs

MyDeal in Australia stocks a large range of sofa beds that’ll suit any budget! Come and take a look at our collection today! Are you in need of a solution to accommodate surprise house guests, but don’t want to dedicate a whole room to ‘just in case’ scenarios? MyDeal has the answer to your problem. These pieces of furniture are as close to real-life transformers as you’ll get, and are incredibly functional in your home setting. Their versatility to transform from something you sit on, to something you sleep on, really does make them amazingly useful and space-saving. There are lots of reasons you need extra sleeping options:

• Your in-laws have travelled interstate (preferably internationally) for their annual visit

• You/your partner has a snoring problem that causes minor earthquakes and earplugs don’t cut it

• You’re finally moving out of home and need to be able to create as much space as possible, because the size of your new place is comparable to a shoebox

• Susceptible to binge-watching TV shows, you’d love the convenience of sleeping comfortably as close to your TV as possible

• A long-time friend has just discovered that their house is haunted, and they need a place to stay while the Ghostbusters take care of their little problem

You Would Be Glad You Ordered With Us

Whatever the reason, you’ll be happy that you ordered one of our products. We have so many different styles, colours, and materials, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Whether you’re looking to upgrade the spare room in your Melbourne home or your Sydney studio needs more style, we’ve got something for you. MyDeal delivers bed settees Australia-wide, so take a look through our collection today.