Genuine KASA Dream Queen/King size Pocket Spring Mattress with Euro Top

Genuine KASA Dream Queen/King size Pocket Spring Mattress with Euro Top

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Kasa Dream Queen/King Size Pocket Spring Mattresses

For a good night sleep, it is essential that a mattress corrects to your body and not the other way around. Mattress utilizing pocket springs have become common and one of the best products available today integrated with this technology is the Kasa Dream queen/king size pocket spring mattresses.

Product Description

Treat yourself with this soft natural Latex top, offering you with a relaxing and soothing sleep. You cannot find another mattress with this feature and it is renowned for its patented Italian design that gives you a classy and luxurious experience.

Product Features

There are many essential features integrated in Kasa Dream queen/king size pocket spring mattresses and this is the main reason why it is becoming popular amongst homeowners. Some of the features take account of:

  • Kasa Dream Mattres Technology

It is a state of the art independent pocket spring technology with six working turns. The weight of your body is equally and independently assimilated and helped throughout the spring. When you turn more, the softer the mattress and the longer the best will last.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology 

This pocket spring bed is integrated with a zero motion transfer effect. So, you can move actions or movements without causing the bed to jiggle and wiggle that is really overwhelming most essentially if your bed partner is doing all the turning and moving. Zero motion transfer allows you turn on your side without causing mattress ripples movements. What is more, this bed is also included with no roll effect. You can sleep close to the corner without the risk of toppling over. This is something exceptional and unique to Kasa Dream queen/king size pocket spring mattresses.

  • Durability 

Many people have some problems with toughness or durability saying that spring mattress is puny and which they say sag after months of using. This is the part wherein you want to be more updated as to the best mattress choice. The Kasa Dream queen/king size pocket spring mattress is one brand of pocket size spring that is built to last.

  • Cost Effective and Excellent Value for Money 

Kasa Dream queen/king size pocket spring mattresses are long lasting, cost effective and durable. Because of its robustness, it doesn’t wear out fast and you can utilize it for so many years without turning it over. This mattress comes with long life span.

  • Luxurious Feel 

This is concealed in layers of plush adding and covered in separate soft fabric pockets. This is soft and often covered with luxurious and opulent material giving it a stylish and rich look. It has a deep cushioning effect at the same time gives a good level of comfort and treat that will assist your mind rest as well as relax so you can be totally refreshed the next morning.

Benefits of Kasa Dream queen/king size pocket spring mattresses

This mattress offers many advantages such as:

  • Conditions your head
  • Support your lumbar area
  • Provides comfort on your shoulder
  • Relieves your back
  • Supports your calves and your thighs
  • Conditions your feet

All in all, the Kasa Dream queen/king size pocket spring mattresses offer a sublime night sleep in luxurious comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is KASAâ„¢ DREAM MATTRESS Technology?

It is an innovative independent pocket spring system with 6 working turns.

The Science behind KASAâ„¢ DREAM Technology?

The weight of the human body is evenly and independently absorbed and supported thoughout the spring. The more turns, the softer the bed and the longer the mattress will last

Why buy off us?

We are devoted to providing you good quality products, with this mattress we are providing only the best with the Patanted Genuine Italian Kasa Dream design (Registration AU 363811 S, Design Number 201514127.) unlike other cheap immitations. We also only use natuaral hypo-allergenic matrerials making it suitable for those with allergies. We also make sure to supply you with a quality medium firmness Euro top providing the perfect amount of support and softness.

Whats The Advantage of Pocket Springs?

Pocket springs are individual springs wrapped in fabric which arn't linked together unlike Tradition coil systems that have all the springs wired together. The benifet of this is that any motion on a pocket spring system is localised to the springs under that movement whereas on the Tradition Coil system movement is spread across all the springs which means if you have a partner in the bed they will feel every movement you make.

Whats the difference between a Euro top and a Pillow top?

A pillow top mattres is like it sounds with a pillow like layer siting on top of the mattress with extra padding stitched ontop of the mattress. A Euro top is simular execpt that it lines up neatly with the edge of the mattress and has a flush uniform appearance. They both provide extra padding but a Euro top is a little firmer and provides more support whereas the pillow top is softer but has slightly less support.

What does the firmness mean?

Our mattress firmness is medium (5) this means that this mattress best suits those that sleep on there back as it provides the right amount of support to keep your spine alined correctly. If you sleep on your stomach a firm mattress is better as it is need to provide more support for your spine and if you sleep on your side a softer mattress is required so it conform to your side keeping your spine alined.



  • Size: Queen / King                                                
  • Number of Coils: 768 /928
  • Wire Thickness: 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm                  
  • Firmness: 5.0, Medium
  • Dimensions: 153 x 203 x 30cm /183 x 203 x 30cm   
  • Vacuum packaging: item will expand to its normal shape within 1 day after unpackaging
  • 10 Year Structual Warranty                                     

Shipping Details

  • Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery
  • We ship across Australia including major cities like: Sydney Melbourne Perth Brisbane Adelaide Canberra Newcastle and the Gold Coast
  • All our products come with a 12-month warranty
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  • Genuine Kasa Dream Queen Pocket Spring Mattress with Euro Top was the best choice I have made ordering online. Use in the guest room and have had a very good reviews from each guests, also we tried to sleep on it and it’s very comfortable. No problem with the delivery it arrived on the specified time. My first order at My Deal.comm and very satisfied with overall experience.

  • Great product for the price. I’m happy with it.

  • the most comfortable mattress - i have ever slept on. i am a side sleeper and this mattress bonds to my body to support my back. I love it.

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