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Make The Most of our BBQ Grill Plates and Racks Range

A barbecue is all about that perfectly chargrilled meat that melts in the mouth. But to perfectly cook meats you need a grill rack or plate. Grilling plates give your food a different flavour compared to a grilling rack. We have a range of non-stick grill plates that are perfect for grilling meats. They heat up quickly and cook the meat evenly making sure that you get well-cooked meat every time you use it. Grill plates are great for cooking marinated meats that would give out a bit of water when cooked. The plate gets hot enough to evaporate any extra liquids and leaves you with flavour intense, charred meat.

Grilling racks are directly exposed to charcoal giving the food a very smoky flavour along with that beautiful char. They are commonly used in a lot of barbecue restaurants as well. From chicken to seafood, grilling racks are a great addition to your barbecue. The direct exposure to heat makes the meat cook quicker and gives it an exquisite flavour.

MyDeal BBQ Accessories Range

You can get everything you need for a good barbecue at MyDeal. From BBQ grills to grill plates and racks, we have everything you need. Moreover, our barbecue range has some great deals and some of the items are available for free shipping. We have the products for you to create the best outdoor party experience. Our outdoor and leisure range includes a lot of things. We also provide outdoor seating and dining options for those who have a bit of outdoor space. Whether it is a balcony or a backyard, there is something for everyone here.

Our barbecue range is great for outdoor barbecues or smaller indoor settings as well. We have teppanyaki grills and grill plates that are perfect for Korean BBQ. You can easily find what you’re looking for on MyDeal and have it delivered to you anywhere in Australia.

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