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Our Quality Trolling Motors Will Definitely Perform And Deliver

Having an appropriate motor for your selected watercraft is so important to keep up with the changing weather and natural waves of the seas. We will provide you with some of the most powerful, energy efficient and satisfying motors that are for offer today. Our expansive range allows you to have a productive and user-friendly motor that will fit perfectly for your larger or smaller watercraft.

For smaller crafts, having a petrol powered outboard motor is impractical due to the size proportions being too large for your dinghy to withstand and the noise will completely disrupt the nautical creatures that you're hoping to catch. While they may be okay for large cruise vessels, it’s not accommodative to your marine catching needs. Thus an I.Force marine electric trolling motor would be a perfect fit with an impressive 8 speed 12V/52AMP engine and can be available with 40lbs and 55lbs of thrust, the speed can reach an impressive 14.5km/phr. That’s incredibly fast for any small boat.

The best parts haven’t even been mentioned yet. With 5 forward speeds and 3 reserve speed, this impressive structure holds a continued use of up to 500 hours. The Marine motor has all these specs, whilst also being able to be an auspiciously quiet machine that won’t deter any fisherman’s friends.

All Your Essentials Shipped Straight To You

For larger water rafts, we have even more powerful motors available. The powerful 3-blade machete propellers allow for even more efficient sailing through the ocean. This premium machine is constructed with reinforced composite fiber-glass and durable aluminum alloy. This combination along with nylon creates an exception material base that deters rust and alkaline corrosion and can handle the saltwater and freshwater banks.

We are very proud of the inventory we are able to provide for our customers. We also understand you may want to know more about our amazing products and you are more than welcome to contact us. Please feel free to contact us through our online enquiry form to gain more details about the items available. Our range has been sorted through price, popularity and recent additions, so you can find the most up-to-date product through our online store. A number of inventory may be available with free shipping throughout Australia, so go check it out.