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Bring Your Boats Anywhere With Our Premium Range of Boat Trolleys 

Having a reliable piece of equipment to help get those heavy objects onto your boat becomes a necessity. We have a range of boat trolley carts that are accessible, convenient and sturdy for your carrying needs. A cart is a great tool that allows for the maneuvering of large canoes and kayaks in a more efficient, and less strenuous way.

The aluminium kayak canoe cart may look small in stature; however, it really packs a punch. The heavy-duty equipment can hold a ginormous 100 kilograms of weight without any issue. The sleek, modern and strong design allows for strenuous use without becoming damaged. This heavy-duty aluminium framed product is attached with strong tires known as “Tuff Tires”. These tires are extremely strong with 26cm depth that promises to NEVER go flat.

We Provide Products That Are Durable And Affordable

The aluminium base is accompanied by 13.4’ 2-cam buckle tie-down straps that hold your product in a firm and levelled the place. The aluminium base has been made to marine grade and the equipment has been post-fabrication anodized so that the aluminium has increased in thickness and will not break under the 100kg weight capacity.

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