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Our Handy Camping Toilets Have Your Back In the Wild

For some people, it can be incredibly uncomfortable to have to do your business outside. Whether at a campsite or in the middle of nowhere, you should feel at ease that you can go when you’ve got to go. We have a brand new range of Camping toilets that allow you the luxury of doing your business comfortably in the great outdoors. We also have portable Baby Potty Chairs for the little ones when you go camping. 

Our Camping Toilet range products are made from incredibly high-quality components that create no corrosion within the equipment. The high-density structure allows for extended durability and is tough enough to handle any travel situation. With 12 litres of fresh water capacity, this will provide up to 50 flushes before refill.

Do Your Business With Our Products

These innovative products do not need any external water supply or power equipment to operate. The pump piston design mechanism gives users assurance of no leakage, corrosion and blockage happening whilst in use. With a 20-litre detachable holding tank, it allows for easy removal of all wastage stored.

For more information about the fantastic range of products we have available, including our Camping accessories, Camping Tables and our massive Sports and Outdoors section, please feel free to contact us using the online enquiry form. We have a range of over 20,000 products, sorted by price, branding and popularity for customer convenience. Some of the available products are eligible for free shipping throughout Australia, so check out our fantastic catalogue of products available online.

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