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Know What To Fish With Our Reliable Fishing Guides

Fishing is an incredible sport that requires ample amounts of knowledge and persistence. We also understand that even the most experienced person in the ocean needs a guide sometimes. Find a wide range of diverse rulers, maps and guides that will allow to understand the varying conditions that happen in the deep blue sea.

The amazing information on the AFN guides and rulers is extremely precise and detailed that every trawler should have one on their vessel. The charts are completely tear-proof and waterproof for those unforgiving waves and are made of strong canvas. With each canvas, the illustrations allow for immediate identifications of different breeds and has great information on protected and dangerous species. The made-to-last product is accompanied with a detailed good food guide for while you're away, grasping the catch of your dreams.

Amazingly, the guides and rulers are so specific, We have been able to bring this product, to targeted every state within Australia. Only want to know about the seas of Victoria? We have it for you and every single individual state to give you specific information about the waters within your area.

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We also know you may be an experienced sea traveler going state-to-state, however bringing all your equipment isn’t feasible. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with AFN approved travel packs with information on Australia’s favorite fish and a bonus DVD. All of these items in one pack is just incredible value not matter your experience level.

We have an incredible range of equipment within our Sports & Outdoors section including our guides and rulers. For more information about our amazing deals, feel free to contact us through our online enquiry form. Browse through our expensive products, which has been categorized by price, brand and popularity. A number of products within the our online store are eligible for free shipping throughout Australia.