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Your Very Own Hole Saw Kit Is Just A Few Clicks Away: Order Today!

Imagine trying to use a scissor to cut a piece of paper into 2 small squares - sounds easy right? It’s just using the scissor straight, which is doable. What if you had to cut 2 small circles? It would probably take a bunch of tries and even then turn out to be an oval more than a circle. If it’s this tricky on a piece of paper, then what happens when you have to cut holes on a plank of wood or on your door to fix your door handle? At least with paper, if you don’t get it right the first time you can try a few more times - but you can’t put a new door or stock up on wood planks as if they were paper.

With a hole saw however, you wouldn't have to worry. This product attaches to your everyday drill and makes the perfect hole in wood or even concrete surfaces. All you have to do it mark the center, ensure the drill bit is placed accurately on the marking and then just drill.

Rid Yourself Of Rough Circular Cuts

Our kits range from $119 to $339, and come in boxes of 8 - 27 pieces. This range holds something for everyone - be it a professional handyman looking for new equipment or a DIY enthusiast looking to make projects cleaner and more accurate.

We provide delivery services all across Australia, within 7-14 business days of placing the order. Call our customer service teams for more information.