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Got A Screw Stuck? You Need An Extractor Tool Set

It’s really the first aid kit of tools and equipment, every handyman needs one! The extractor kit is designed to help you get unstuck as it removes broken screws, bolts and studs and it comes in a variety of sized threads to match your every need. Whether you’re a handyman at home doing some DIY or you’re a mechanic in a workshop, these sets are the perfect fit for personal and commercial use.

Our range offers a variety of different sized kits so you can be sure to get the right one for you. The Irwin 19 Piece Carbon Steel Bolt- Grip Extractor Set comes complete with reverse spiral flutes to provide maximum gripping power to easily remove broken, damaged or rusted nuts, bolts and screws! It is also made with high carbon steel which ensures longer life and greater durability! Looking for a slightly larger set? Take a look at the SP Tools 25pc Screw Extractor Set Hand Tools Kit, it is ideal for extracting broken screws, studs and bolts of 5mm to 16mm. The kit is designed with threads to remove broken fasteners without breaking or jamming and it’s made with fluted type extractors that provide a solid grip on broken studs and screws.


Quality Products At Affordable Prices, My Deal Is Your One-Stop-Shop

Don’t spend big dollars and waste your time getting someone to come to your house to help you get unstuck, get your own personal kit today that you’ll have for years to come, you won’t regret it! Here at MyDeal, we stock a large range of tools and equipment so there’s no need to spend your precious days off looking in different hardware stores. Simply browse and buy online and we will deliver to your front door!

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