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Secure Your Nut With Our Wide Range Of Ratchet Spanners Today

Ever found it difficult to tighten a bolt or nut from home using an ordinary spanner? We have just what you need, a ratchet wrench. This super handy and easy to use tool is the perfect size to fit into any tool kit and it’s something you're bound to get a lot of use out of! The device allows you to either tighten or loosen a bolt that can be pushed or pulled in one direction. When turned in the opposite direction the device does not turn the socket, however, allows it to be repositioned for another turn while staying attached to the nut or bolt. Therefore allowing you greater force pressure over an ordinary spanner.

The 1/4inch Drive Quick Release Reversible Ratchet features a quick-release safety lock and a two-component handle. It is also plated with chrome alloy steel for durability and comes with 22 teeth. Our range also offers the Mini Cordless Ratchet with Charger & Batteries 12V which is sold in a set with two pieces of 1.5Ah lithium-ion batteries. It comes with a soft grip handle and a bonus storage case! This device also has a greater capacity rate at 3/8inch.

A Device That Will Tighten Your Bolt, Not Your Bank

These devices are a necessity in every handyman’s tool kit, but here at My Deal we understand the demand for quality products at affordable prices- so that’s exactly what we offer. Stock up your toolbox today without having to break the bank and check out more of our range of tools and equipment.

Simply order and then kick up your feet and relax while we ship your item directly to your door. Wherever you are in Australia we aim to deliver as quickly as possible, so you rest assured your purchase won’t be far away!

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