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Great Value Deals On Grinding Discs For Your Workshop

Angle grinder discs are expendable tools used on angle grinders or stationary devices for cutting a variety of materials, from metal alloys (steel, stainless steel, aluminum), to wood, stone, concrete and other such materials. They are round, thin and flat panels, like a CD or DVD. Unlike a scissor or knife, whereby even though you cut something, if joined back together the pieces return to their original size, once this product is used on any material it’s original size is reduced.

The primary distinctions in the variety of these discs include their thickness; 1.0mm vs. 3.0mm. The 1.0mm wears off less materials, vibrates less, causes less heating of the material and in turn produces less sparks and less odor. The cutting process is faster and takes lesser effort and control. The 3.0mm has a slightly longer lifetime, is lower in price and is a tool that depends on the user's habits.

Start Cutting Away, No Matter The Size

Our range features two main brands with packaging options of 25, 50, 100 or 200 discs per pack, ranging from $20 to $112 respectively. Our products are sourced from suppliers who have received an approval for their safety standards. Some of our products also feature 12 month warranties for the peace of mind of our customers.

We provide delivery services all across Australia in metro cities as well as rural areas within 7 and 14 business days depending on the exact location.