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Safeguard Your Data With A Hard Drive Enclosure

There are times when we’ve used the same computer for the longest time and the motherboard burns out, but the hard drives are still intact. We can’t use the computer anymore, but the hard drives can still be used. Before we dispose of the computer we remove the hard drives and intend to use them as external hard drives but have no way to connect the previously embedded hard drives externally. They end up sitting in a drawer and collecting dust and the day we really need them and find a way to connect them, we realise they don’t work anymore because the dust has rusted the drive.

Safeguard your previously embedded hard drives and convert them to external hard drives with our external hard drive cases. This range features products that are slim and compact for individual hard drives that you can encase and easily carry around or even stationary docks that can hold up to 8 hard drives at a time for extensive use.

Great Deals Available On External Hard Drive Cases

Ranging from $17 - $419 these products will keep your hard disks safe from dust, water and rust so you don’t lose any important data due to a technical error. Some of our products offer free shipping benefits while some offer 12 month warranties if bought online. We deliver all across Australia within 7-14 business days based on the drop off location.

For further information, feel free to contact our customer service team. We are always happy to help.