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The Grass Is Greener With These Amazing Artificial Turfs

Enjoy an incredible, maintenance free lawn with the best artificial grass carpet. They’re ideal for commercial landscaping, swimming pool and backyard features. These products are child and pet safe, don’t require mowing or watering, won’t fade in the sun and doesn’t stain or smell. Not only does this grass look natural, it’s easy to install and maintain! With changes in the environment creating limited water, the demand for this product is increasing dramatically. It’s the perfect alternative to authentic turf, plus it never goes brown, so you’ll have a nice, fresh lawn year round!

Artificial turf is a new trend that is very environmentally sustainable, so it’s no surprise that everyone is switching to it. Experiment with our high quality turfs when designing your garden to give it a fresh update. Our turfs are made from UV stabilised, anti-fading materials that are made to last for ages.

Get Your Greenery Shipped Straight To Your Door

This range is affordable as we offer the best discounts in Australia, saving you time and money with garden maintenance. This is the best destination for suppliers to shop as we offer delivery and you can purchase in bulk, similarly to wholesale. With the warmer months approaching, having well-kept grass is essential for entertaining guests outdoors. To shop other products for your garden or outdoor area, visit our gardening range, where you can find products such as an outdoor shed, small portable solar panels or even affordable tools online to satisfy your green thumb.

If you have any questions about our green thumb products, please get in touch by calling us on (03) 9998 6805, or fill out an online form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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A Bit Of Green

gardening (even if it’s just on your windowsill) can help reduce stress and makes your kitchen look fresh and inviting. You could even lay down some artificial grass along your windowsill can add life to a minimal kitchen. What’s not to love?

Get Green (Literally)

If your backyard isn’t large enough to get a veggie patch in, you can make one in your kitchen! Your veggie isn’t the only place you can get some green in, if you have a brick backyard but want to see some lush grass, you can fake a lawn with some artificial grass! It’s easy to maintain and looks great; what’s not to love?